Aiming to be recognized as a leader in the dental technology industry, we utilize digital radiography with less radiation, computerized imaging and highest quality materials.


  • Professional scaling and polishing.
  • Essential first step in prevention.
  • Topical application of fluoride.

Air flow cleaning


An advanced treatment used for the removal of heavy stains. A string jet of air, water and fine powder is directed onto the tooth surface to quickly and efficiently remove deposits.

Teeth whitening

Teeth can be bleached several shades lighter either conveniently at home, at office or a combination of both according to the case. Modern whitening gels are fast acting and efficient, and cause no sensitivity.


Tooth coloured filling materials are now used in the majority of cases.

Crowns and Bridges

  • Crowns are used to cover and permanently restore heavily broken, weak teeth, and root canal treated teeth . Bridges replace missing teeth and cannot be removed.
  • Crowns made entirely of ceramic materials can look totally natural
  • Crowns made entirely from zircon can minimise the amount of tooth structure removed


Veneers are ultra thin ceramic facings, designed to mask discolouration or improve contours with minimum loss of tooth substance giving you the best and most confident smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A blanket term to include all aspects of general dentistry which result in more attractive looking teeth, veneers, tooth coloured fillings, cosmetic bonding and whitening, and crowns and bridges


Removable appliances in acrylic or chrome cobalt can be provided to replace missing teeth and restore form and function

Root canal treatment

Simple treatments can be undertaken by a general dentist and this type of work is increasingly becoming a specialists' field. For complicated or difficult cases, we are lucky to have a doctor who specialises in root canal fillings using the most up-to-date equipment including a microscope. Root canal treatment is necessary when deep decay or trauma has affected the nerve of the tooth.

Children's Dentistry

Young people often require special care and we encourage early visits to boost confidence and familiarity.


A specialised discipline concerned with aligning the teeth to improve both aesthetics and function. Crowded teeth, overbites, crossbites etc. can be corrected with modern appliances. 'Braces' are much less obtrusive than they used to be and both children and adults can benefit from this treatment.

Modern Orthodontic appliances (Invisalign) is a transparent removable appliance that restores your teeth to their perfect position accurately and in a short time.

Advanced Gum Treatment

Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss for adults. We are able to offer comprehensive specialists treatment which may involve deep cleaning under local anaesthetic, use of antimicrobials, surgery and/or bone augmentation.

Implants are a revolutionary method of replacing lost teeth

Rather than using existing teeth to support restorations, titanium implants can be inserted into the jaw bone, which can hold anything from a single tooth crown or a bridge to a full denture.